TRANSLANG Journal uses a double-blind peer review process. On submission, articles are sent by the Editor via ASJP to two reviewers. Once the review reports (TRANSLANG  Reviewer Form ) are returned, feedback and recommendations are assessed by the Editor-in-Chief, who then returns a decision to the author via ASJP.  

The editors and reviewers of TRANSLANG Journal endeavour to provide a rigorous and transparent peer review process to ensure that the highest quality of research is published. While our aim is to complete the peer review process as quickly as possible, the Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editors ensure that reviewers’ comments are properly assessed in the Reviewer Form. All types of conflicts of interest must be declared by all the members of TRANSLANG editorial board before accepting to be part of the Review Process. 

  • The manuscripts’ screening process involves a review by the editors and reviewers of our journal who are experts in the fields of Translation and Language Studies. The reviewers evaluate the manuscripts in terms of scope, quality, originality, accuracy of results, validity of methodology, and interest for the readership.
  • The Editor-in-Chief sends the manuscripts to the associate editors to be sent again to two experts in the fields for a rigorous peer-review. This is an important step of the review process as the constructive feedback given will help improve the quality of the submitted manuscripts.  
  • When the two reviews have been received, the editor-in-chief will consider the experts’ opinions, comments, and criticisms to authors.
  • If the decision is for minor revision, authors will be required to revise their manuscripts according to the reviewers’ orientations.
  • When submitting the revised versions of manuscripts, authors must ensure the revised manuscripts go along with the reviewers’ required amendments.  
  • The revised manuscripts will be re-evaluated by the same reviewers for final decisions.
  • Once reviewed, the Journal’s Editor-in-Chief finally approves the accepted manuscripts by the associate editors and reviewers.
  • Review Process Diagram