Revue Traduction et Langues 

                                                                              Journal of Translantion and Languages  

The focus of the journal is the investigation of principles and practices in translation and interpreting studies. The main target is to improve the approaches of research, promotion, and to provide insights resulting from other multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary efforts by fostering a better understanding of the multidimensional nature of research in and on translation, interpreting,  language and linguistic studies. Possible topics include, but will not be limited to:    

  • Translating world cultures
  • Translation as a work of art
  • Human sciences and translation
  • Translation, a profession, a know, a know-how, a know-how to be.
  • Interdisciplinary paradigms in translation didactics.
  • Translation and the editorial chain
  • Neural machine translation and deep learning
  • The translatology of the future
  • Interdisciplinarity and Transdisciplinarity in Translation Studies
  • Translating Sacred texts
  • Interpretation in all its states.
  • Lexicology, Terminology, Lexicography, and Translation 
  • Languages and Linguistic Studies
  • Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture. 
  • Philology and comparative grammar. 
  • Applied Linguistics 
  • Contrastive Analysis and Discourse (s) Analysis 
  • Interdisciplinary Studies in Pragmatics, Culture, and Society 
  • Interdisciplinary Approaches to Language, Culture, and Translation

Languages: English - French- German-Spanish